The Late Victor Cruz

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The Late Victor Cruz

Post  JasonTalbot on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:28 pm

My fellow kindred, I have gone to great lengths to give as much leniency as is permitted in the enforcement of the traditions in my city. There are a great deal of you that have received warnings and loss of status in lieu of much more severe Camarilla justice. I am here to warn you that my patience is wearing thin.
Our city is the halfway point between the lawless hordes of Detroit and it's Sabbat oppression and the shining example of Chicago, stronghold of the Camarilla. We must become a stronghold on to ourselves to prevent the Sabbat from gaining a foothold here. The only way that we can do this is to be ever vigilant in our observance of the traditions, the very fabric of order in the face of the chaos.
Violation of the traditions is not and will never be acceptable, and it has come to my attention that kindred within my domain have cast aside our laws and taken it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner to an acknowledged member of my city.

For violation of the sixth tradition in the deliberate destruction of Victor Cruz within the Tremere chantry, The Professor is hereby sentenced to final death by greeting the morning.

For the crime of conspiring with The Professor in this act, Aleczander Macdougall, James Andrew Mackenzie, and Murtaug are ordered into servitude of the office of my Sheriff. They will remain faithful servants of that office until such time as the Sheriff informs me that they have a firm understanding of the traditions and will never directly or indirectly violate another law within my domain.

Let them serve as an example to you all. Violation of our laws will not be tolerated.

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