The Rules and Edicts of Elysium

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The Rules and Edicts of Elysium

Post  JasonTalbot on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:58 pm

Rule #1: No violence is allowed on the premises.
This rule is subject to violation by the Keeper and Sheriff and in that case only to handle any other violence that breaks out. Should any other kindred feel the need to cause violence, even to assist in quelling another violent action, they will be in violation of Elysium. If violence erupts and the Keeper or Sheriff asks any kindred for assistance they will not be in violation of Elysium if they accept.

Rule #2: No art is to be destroyed.
This rule carries the punishment of final death and is one of the longest standing rules of all Elysiums. In case anyone is wondering why, it is because most Elysiums are held in places of artistic value, like galleries or museums, traditionally. This rule stands true for the paintings and sculptures within our current Elysium.

Rule #3: Elysium is neutral ground.
This rule means one thing and one thing only. Every kindred is protected by the laws of Elysium, be they Independent, Anarch, Camarilla or Sabbat. This rule is in conjunction with rule #1, however, it only pertains to Elysium ground. What happens out of Elysium is another matter entirely. Neonates should mind their tongues or have very reliable transportation.

Rule #4: Remember the Masquerade at all times.
This rule not only pertains to Elysium but every night. It still rings true in Elysium however. Traditionally Elysiums are held in places where the mortals walk among us. There are few mortals in our Elysium most gatherings, however, all kindred are permitted to brings guests provided they take responsibility for them, as is tradition. My security staff is also mostly mortal and you should do well to remember that. Any obvious use of vampiric power, traits of the blood's curse (i.e. glowing eyes, permanent fangs), etc. will be a violation of the masquerade, even within Elysium, and punishable by final death.

*Elysium Edicts current as of 02/02/13 by order of the current Keeper John Sounder*

Edict #1: No powers of the blood are permitted within Elysium, with the following exceptions, the powers of obfuscate to hide the repugnance of the Nosferatu and others that require such masking so as to not betray the masquerade, any powers deemed necessary to receive the truth during presentation to the Prince or interrogation by the Sheriff.

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Edicts and clarifications from the Keeper

Post  soldierforhire on Sat Feb 09, 2013 6:52 pm

Edict 2)
Property in Elysium shall not be broken/destroyed or damaged doing so shall constitute a breach of rule #1

Edict 3)
should you take direct action be it by use of powers of the blood or not that result in someone loosing control of there beast you shall share responsibility for breaking any laws or edicts they break.

Clarification 1)
Elysium is to be treated as a high masquerade zone. any action that would be considered a breach of the masquerade if viewed by one not of the blood, shall be punished as if it was witnessed. (in other words if you do anything that shows you are of the blood expect to receive some form of punishment.)

Clarification 2)
Damage destruction or theft of Elysium property will be treated as a violation of rule 1).

I will amend this list and update it as need be. if you have any questions or concerns about the laws and Edicts of Elysium you mail email me at SirJohnSounder (this is my IC email address if you wish my personal OOC one PM me)

Sir John Sounder
Keeper of Elysium


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