Status of Grad Rapids

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Status of Grad Rapids

Post  soldierforhire on Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:27 am

Last gathering I challenged Mr. Striker for the Grand Rapids domain. He stepped down as prince of this city. I had hoped he would stay in Grand Rapids that seems not to be the case. I wish him well in his travels. His only weakness as prince was his age, he had not been in kindred society long enough to understand the demands of the position. I do not fault him for that. He was an excellent prince and in a less Turbulent city.

I feel last gathering we managed to drag ourselves one step closer to becoming the beacon of the Camarilla I know we can become.

So there is no confusion I will post the decrease I have made in the domain thus far.

1) Camarilla law shall be followed at all time. This not only includes the traditions but also the political rules. As such kindred without a courtly position may not accuse anyone of a crime. if you believe a crime has occurred convince your Primogen to bring the charges. Anyone who breaches this may be subject to conviction of Treason against the camarilla. This rule exists with the Camarilla for the simple reason to prevent false accusations.
Also if you make an accusation against someone and then recant it when the accused is brought forward for judgment you shall be guilty of Treason against the Camarilla.

2) There are no designated feeding grounds. The kindred are free to feed in any area of the city try wish accept: Alpine township, and Walker. Those areas are also High Masquerade zones. Any action that might betray the masquerade if it was viewed shall be a breach of the masquerade and punished by death or exile.

3) Each clan is required to provide an individual to serve as a deputy to my Sheriff. Failure to do so will result in the clan losing a seat on the Primogen counsel. If you are the only member of your clan in this city than you shall serve my sheriff.

4) The Harpy shall treat the removal of any kindred from a courtly position as a scandal and remove from them any status they possessed from said position.

5) New Kindred to this domain are to seek out the Primogen of there clan. If they cannot find that person they should see the Keeper, if the Keeper is not around they can seek out my senechal. They will help you find your Primogen. In a case where you are without a Primogen you may be brought to me by any kindred who holds position and is willing to vouch for you. Or any kindred with at-least 2 personal status who is willing to vouch for you. If you are an independent please seek out the keeper or Senechal and I will meet with you when I am available. Kindred who just walk up to me and ask for acknowledgement without someone to speak for them will be given 24 hours to vacate my city and never return. The exception to this is if you are such an upstanding member of kindred society that I know who you are. In those rare cases I may grant you acknowledgement.
6) I know a lot of this is harsh, Camarilla justice is harsh.
7) We have come to a peace accord with Michael McBride and his people. Therefore no one shall bring harm to any of them, break this peace and meet final death. This is my word and as such is beyond contestation.

Prince Henri Ducard


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