For those New to Vampire the Masquerade

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For those New to Vampire the Masquerade

Post  PretendVampire on Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:44 pm

Here's the best Wiki Page for Vampire the Masquerade: Right Here

Give it a look over, it discusses virtually every topic from the History, Clan, Sects, Disciplines, ect. It's a good starting resource.

If you want to purchase a PDF or physical copy of the core rule book, here's a link, Laws of the Night (Revised)

I seriously suggest you get a hold of Laws of the Night and read it over.

Beyond that; you may purchase a PDF, or print copy of almost any Vampire the Masquerade book here.

The Mind's Eye Theater category will present you with all of the LARP books. While the various links to Vampire: The Masquerade books will give you the Table Top books. We're using the Mind's Eye Theater rules set (also known as LARP), however the Table Top books offer a wealth of information on the game world and various clans. Some books have rules for both game systems, most notably the clan books.

Each clan book is an excellent resource for fleshing out your character.


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