A not so fond Farewell

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A not so fond Farewell

Post  soldierforhire on Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:28 pm

First I want to say I wish everyone the best, and thank you to the STs for running the game.

Secondly for those who are wondering why I am leaving the game. I will go in to some detail here.

I am leaving for several reasons. The short of it is I disagree far too much with the way the game is being run.

I believe it is the responsibility of the Storytellers to do the following:

1) Create a story arch that provides inclusion to as many players as possible

2) Respond to players who submit emails to the ST email address in a timely manner.

3) Run scenes that follow the rules of the system while providing a fun and enjoyable time for the masses. you can sacrifice the rules to tell a compelling story, or to make it fun, you can even use ST "magic" to rewrite a declared action to make the results effectively the same but look cool EG a brujah attempts to dodge an attack and you instead describe it as him standing there unhindered by the attack, all of this is fine. whats not fine is having things that are wholly outside the rules screw the masses because it makes the scene fun for a ST or Narrator.

4) Finally the most important job of an ST is to protect the game from players who would take actions that are intended to ruin the game. I'll give some examples. of what I mean.

Example A) a player makes a new character who has had no interaction with the city, who decides to bring a pack of werewolf to attack Elysium. 1) You have to ask not why you should allow it but better why you shouldn't if it happens that the player of the character lost his last character the game before, you might think this is a revenge action. Most likely it is. Smart players will make an incredible back-story to camouflage this but that doesn't change what it is.

example B) an ST or Narrator or former ST (whatever the case may be) has his PC bloodhunted and chooses to hire 1000 people outfit them with assault rifles and riot gear and has them attack Elysium. again as yourself why you should not allow this... the simple answer is you have a rule that prevents explosives because you don't want one player killing all the others... well guess what it is the same thing to allow a PC to hire 1000 soldiers to do the same thing when in the first rounds of combat a player who loses a single challenge is told he or she is dead. I understand that it was argued and was decided to be Torpor. But this does not alleviate the intent of allowing a player to in a single action kill ever PC.

Now I know some of you might be thinking Josh your Tremere was able to torpor any character in 2 hits (some in 1). And I agree and while it’s a gross combination of things in the book it was not ever done with the intent to ruin the game and was never capable of killing all the players in single round.

So now on to the rules issues I take issue with... let’s just deal with the 2 examples above. As there were glaringly bad rules issues in both of them.

Before we go farther I want to make it known, the detrimental effect to my character from both scenes was 2 agg from the first (that was healed in 10 minutes thanks do Ben). And the expense of 8ish blood in the second.... so not anything I would even notice.

so example A) surprise attacks cannot be taken while combat is going on. If the triggering party is already in the combat.

A werewolf cannot spend rage a Gnosis in the same round without a very rare gift. 2 a werewolf is capped on max Gnosis rage and willpower based on Rank so 5+rank so unless you’re an elder you cannot have 10 rage. Let alone use it in the same round you use Gnosis to step sideways.

Example B) the scene was ran as a mass challenge from of the whole city being shot by way to many people with guns. assuming it was run correctly and there was in fact 1000 people with guns all that should have happened was a few about 1 lethal per person hit (bullets loosing effectiveness through windows and walls), and the group of snipers would have had a lot of extra traits to make it happen. Round 2 should not have been a surprise round as everyone was in combat.
I could list many more issues but this is getting long and rant like so I am going to call it to an end here. I bid you all farewell and I look forward to playing with all of you again someday. I will be at the MES Cam game when it starts if you want to find me.


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